Click to hear Obie's story when his legs were saved after he was told before that would never be able to be treated

Click to hear Leida' story - how her life has been since she got her venous disease that has been with her for over 20 years treated

Click to hear Hannah's story when she’s able to run again shortly after her varicose vein disease was treated

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Click to hear France’s story how she now can walk between 3 to 5 miles and feel completely fine without any pain as she had before

Click to hear Bob’s story about his PAD disease and how he can now enjoy the walks and biking without the pain

Click to hear Lyn’s story how she can see right away that her legs were less restless and less heavy than before after the treatment

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I researched a little bit I found Dr. Nwobi. So, I came to his office and the office’s staff is awesome. They schedule me like 1, 2, 3 right away. The office is super clean and super state of the art. The staff did some treatment, very well professional, made me feel like super easy. After the treatment, I could see right away that my legs were less restless and they were less heavy. And I know that, I feel it every day and it gets better and or I’m already feeling way better. So, can’t wait to wear shorts again!

Lyn Langur

And let me tell you, I walk now. I walk between 3 to 5 miles a day and I have absolutely no pain in my leg. I feel wonderful and I highly recommend the vein center. When I used to walk, when my walk was completed after maybe 3 to 5 miles I could hardly walk back to my house. Maybe I could walk back to the house but both legs hurt, up and down, I felt like I was walking on spikes, now after the vein surgery I feel fine. I do my walk. I walk to my house, go out, maybe walk again. It’s just like wonderful, what a complete difference.

France Carringham

3 years ago, I got hit by a car and after that I came here and they gave me the examination and they told me what was wrong, and that all my veins was injured so I had two surgeries in each leg and about two weeks ago I have varicose veins removed. The staff here were like family when I came in, they are very friendly and they’ve just been so wonderful with me and I’m really thankful. I have my car accident 3 years ago and I had constant pain in my legs because of my veins were injured, my circulation was slow but I’m in no pain right now, I can’t believe the difference I’ve felt, it is the best I’ve felt in 3 years and it’s been absolutely wonderful.

Lyn Goddard

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